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Sandy Kubiez

On-Call Manager

Sandy is the On-Call Manager at GPS Care Management, and has worked for the company since 2012. Caring and extroverted, Sandy is gratified by spending time with clients who are lonely, whether by phone or in person.

Born and raised Indiana, Sandy moved to Nokomis, FL in 1987. She’s also lived in Venice and Sarasota. She particularly likes the small-town, community feel of South Sarasota County.

From the time she was 12, and was a babysitter for her three-month-old and three-year-old cousins, Sandy has enjoyed helping people of all ages — from one day to 111 years old. Her big heart and love of meeting people is what led her down her chosen career path.

Before working for GPS, Sandy was a legal secretary for local attorneys, an office manager and a bookkeeper — jobs that helped hone her organization skills and attention to detail.

Outside of work, Sandy spends her time with her husband, adult children, two granddaughters, other family members and long-time friends. She enjoys playing golf, going to the beach and walking, and she and her husband love riding Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Maggie Daut

Care Manager/Guardian

Maggie is a Professional Guardian and Care Manager who joined GPS Care Management in 2020.

Before starting at GPS, Maggie worked for three-and-a-half years at a local non-profit agency specializing in adult guardianship. While there, she became certified as a Professional Guardian, realizing that it fulfilled her desire to help those who are less fortunate, and who have no other support system.

At GPS, Maggie is a problem-solver, detail-oriented and organized. She is empathetic and likes connecting with people. She believes it’s the duty of those who have the means to help others. The elderly and disabled are often dehumanized, and disregarded as unimportant, and they deserve help and attention, she feels.

Maggie was born and raised in Venice, FL. In her previous job as a guardian, she became highly familiar with Sarasota and its surroundings, and made countless connections in the community.

Maggie has attended trainings with The Alzheimer's Disease Initiative and she has attended the Florida State Guardianship Association’s annual conference for the past four years. She earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology, and minored in Criminal Justice, at the University of Central Florida.

When not working, Maggie enjoys cooking, boating and spending time outdoors. She has two cats, Lily and Alice. She loves animals and has volunteered at the Wildlife Center of Venice.

Ruth Cardinali

Client Financial Coordinator

As a Client Financial Coordinator at GPS Care Management, Ruth enjoys the variety of her duties. Since starting with the company in 2012, Ruth has been responsible for clients’ book-keeping, as well as for communicating with financial institution representatives, attorneys, CPAs, insurance agencies and utility companies to resolve issues.

For the company’s clients, she handles income and expense reporting, filing annual financial reports to the circuit court, creating budgets and assembling tax documents.

Detailed-oriented and thorough, with a passion for accuracy, promptness and problem-solving, Ruth is well-suited to her job. Originally from Kenosha, WI, Ruth and her husband moved to Sarasota in 2012 to be near her parents, and to get away from Wisconsin’s harsh winters.

In high school, Ruth took accounting as an elective — the first step down what would be-come her educational and career path. She completed courses at the University of Wisconsin, LaCrosse, and from UW Parkside. She graduated from Gateway Technical College in Kenosha in 1993. She has worked as an accountant, specializing in financial and tax accounting, since the early 1990s.

In her field, Ruth has won awards including the 1992 4th Quarter Carson Pirie Scott & Co. Chairman of the Board Award, as well as the 1996 1st Quarter Carson Pirie Scott & Co. Chairman of the Board Award.

Ruth enjoys spending her free time with her nearly 100-pound Akita, Bambi, as well as beach-combing, crafts, tennis, biking, kayaking and jogging.

Suzanne Wernicke, RN, CCM, NCG

Founder + Care Manager

As founder of what is today GPS Care Management, Suzanne has enjoyed a long and distinguished career during which she has cared for and improved the lives of numerous clients.

Suzanne founded Grossman & Wernicke, Inc., now called GPS Care Management, in 2006, with a partner who has since retired. Suzanne’s mission in starting the company was to assist aging, disabled or chronically ill clients — and their families — reach their health care goals. Suzanne serves as Care Manager, Guardian, Trustee, Attorney-In-Fact (POA), Health Care Agent, and Personal Representative on behalf of GPS Care Management.

Suzanne is a Board-Certified RN Care Manager and a National Certified Guardian. She is affiliated with the National Association of Geriatric Care Managers, the Florida State Guardianship Association and the Guardianship Examining Committee of Sarasota County.

Suzanne aims to help her clients live as independently and as safely as possible. She likes challenges, and she uses her own life experiences to help improve her clients’ quality of life.

Suzanne began her career in 1974 as a registered nurse specializing in acute care, ER, cardiac intensive care, neurology and behavioral health. She has experience in consulting, management and home health care, as well as extensive knowledge of legal issues.

Suzanne has lived in Sarasota since the late 1980s, but she was born in Maryland. In her free time, she loves to read, hike and travel.

Tami John, RN

Care Manager

Tami is a Care Manager for GPS Care Management. She was born in St. Petersburg but grew up in Sarasota. Tami was drawn to GPS, where she has worked since May 2019, because she takes joy and satisfaction in helping people.

A registered nurse since 1993, Tami has specialized in medical-surgical nursing and oncology, and she has worked as a home health nurse. Nursing seemingly runs in her family, as her mother was a nursing assistant and her grandmother was a critical care nurse.

Her ability to remain calm under pressure, her organizational skills and her friendly and easy-going manner are proven assets in her current role at GPS.

In her free time, Tami loves visiting the beach, watching football and spending time with her grandchildren.

Lindsay Rothe, LPN

Senior Care Manager

Lindsay is a Licensed Practical Nurse and a Senior Care Manager for GPS Care Management. A Sarasota native, Lindsay has worked for the company since 2015. She specializes in geriatrics and mental health. She often works with clients with dementia.

Prior to her job with GPS, Lindsay was the Director of Nursing for an assisted living facility. Her love of science and medicine and her aptitude for customer service, reading people and attention to detail led her to the field of nursing.

Lindsay, quiet and kind, yet direct, knows how to make her clients feel comfortable, and is gratified when they seem to trust her immediately upon meeting her. She hopes to remind her clients of their grandchildren, and feels this is an asset in her work.

Lindsay and her husband have an infant son, a cat and a dog. She loves traveling, especially road trips, and she enjoys landscape photography as a hobby. She is an avid cook, baker and reader, partial to novels and medical journals.

Allison R. Hildreth, RN, CMC

Senior Care Manager

Allison is a Registered Nurse and has worked for GPS Care Management as a Certified Care Manager since January 2012.Detail-oriented and thorough, Allison goes the extra mile to make sure her clients are well taken care of.

Before working for GPS, Allison worked as a home health care nurse. She found, however, that after leaving her clients’ homes, she’d feel strongly that she could be doing more for them. Also, she’d often wonder how her clients were doing, long after her service to them had ended. This need to “do more” led Allison to care management — a field to which she is well-suited, since she cares so deeply for her clients.

In her role at GPS, Allison can care for elderly and disabled clients in all realms, not just the nursing realm. As part of a care giving team, she strives to make sure all her clients’ needs are being met. Her work includes overseeing her clients’ healthcare, being their advocate, ensuring they are happy where they live and keeping out-of-town families well-informed of their loved ones’ lives and conditions. Allison gets satisfaction from the knowledge that her work makes her clients’ lives better.

Originally from northern Vermont, Allison earned her degree from the University of Vermont. After visiting her older sister in Bradenton during college vacations, Allison fell in love with the area and settled here shortly after graduating in 1996.

Allison has two children, both athletes who play baseball and softball, and she and her husband spend a lot of time over weekends watching their children's games. She also enjoys spending time with her golden retriever Lulu, and enjoys being active.

Lana Kepler, MSW, CCM

CEO + Care Manager

Lana is a Certified Care Manager and Professional Guardian who has worked for GPS Care Management since 2009. In that time, she’s discovered a passion for working with older adults, and for helping people live their lives to the fullest. In 2020, Lana acquired the business and serves as CEO, in addition to various advocacy roles for clients.

GPS initially hired Lana to tackle the company’s marketing efforts, but before long, she began working as a care manager. She found that she so enjoyed advocating for clients that in 2015, she earned her Master of Social Work degree so that she could enhance her education and professional knowledge. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Liberal Studies with a concentration in marketing and social sciences.

Lana, who has called Sarasota County home since she was six years old, feels a strong attachment to this community and is well-connected to a large network of resources. She has always enjoyed making connections with people and strives to give clients the best quality of life, no matter what stage of life they are in.

Prior to GPS, Lana worked as a marketing coordinator and a project manager for a publishing company. That experience helped teach her how to manage and resolve complex situations. She enjoys finding solutions to challenges and seeking alternative methods to overcoming obstacles.

Outside of work, Lana enjoys being with her husband and two daughters. They spend much of their time exploring the outdoors and having fun with family and friends. Lana's favorite things include running, music, dancing, and Arlo - the family cat.